How to manage an outsourcing relationship?

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What advice would you give somebody on how to manage a relationship with an outsourced contact centre?

We know that successful relationships need commitment from both supplier and the client to ensure a successful outcome. If you've been involved with such a relationship what are the pitfalls to be avoided? What did you do to make it work? How would you choose a supplier?

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The only best thing you can support your contact center apart from they pay is your relation with them and it is also based on the kind of service they are providing to you,

For Example if they are providing you Outbound Service then...

"BE COOL IF THE SALES GO VERY LOW" - It is the only area where the Contact center gets worried at this situation you be a Leader to them but not a bad client,

If possible try to work with them or make some of your employee visit them at a regular interval to study the agents mentality , the main thing.

"Arrange for a regular meeting once in 15 Days with all the AGENTS who every work for you" schedule it in about 1 Hour minimum and ask them about some business development Idea it will work great as days roll by they will also become an expert with your product and their ideas to explore will work great, you can also give a common sugession Email Id to post their commands daily or after any different kind of customer.


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Hi Martin,

Having spent many happy years offshore working with BPO's, the biggest bit of advice I can give you is to go into the relationship with your eyes open and ensure that your senior management team are aware that you have to put time and effort into the relationship.

If you are considering offshore/near shore solutions do not under estimate the impact that local culture will have on your business and your customers. Be prepared that you can't just lift and drop a process half way around the world or even down the street and expect it to work the same as it does currently... Plan and then plan again.

Happy to share my experience with you please feel free to contact me

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hi all

can some one inform me i just get my job i m technical analyst on contact centre and outsourcing unit but istill not get the main idea of job , one other thing is that i do not clearly understand what outsourcing means

thank you i hope someone can help

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While selecting your BPO supplier you must do for the outsourcing partner that fully understands the vision and culture of your company and builds the right brand impression.

I guess cultural differences should be taken into account. Some ignore this thing and that's when misunderstandings enter the game which can harm business. Here more onto this topic. Might be helpful

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