How to plan Contact Centre Capacity

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Capacity Planning
I have been asked by my boss to plan the capacity for our organization call center.
I have the following values and I need to calculate the required headcount for this year Q2. could anyone help me with it? am wondering if there is any calculator working for this
here are the inputs for my case
call volume: April: 248000, May: 262500, June: 247800
average handling time: 290 Sec
shrinkage: 25%
occupancy: 80%
working days: 22 a month and working hours 8 a day
target service level: 80% and target call answer 20 Second

Forecast & Plan
Hi There,

I would recommend forecasting the next quarter,then look at your seasonal trend for the last 2-3 years during the 2nd qtr.

From there, you need to breakdown your forecast by month. Maybe using a ratio %.

E.g. Last 2 years on average; July = 25% of demand, August = 40% of demand & September = 35% Demand.

Lets say your forecast was 251473 this would look like: July = 60368, August = 96589 & September = 84516 however, check previous years to see if there are any factors which could inflate your forecast and don't forget your current trends for smoothing.

Once your confident with the forecasts, you can calculate the required hours needed for that period. Don't forget there are erlang & shrinkage calculators available which we use to help with such matters.

Good Luck!

WFM Plan - Things to remember.
This video should give you some tips to help with your plan.

A couple of Tips
Remember, Occupancy is a result of service level, call volume, AHT and staffing. If you want a specific occupancy, then you need to give up setting a service level.

Plot out your monthly volume by day and by half-hour for each day in that month. Use past volume trends to better predict call arrival patterns by week, by day, by the hour.

Once you have your volume predictions, then you can apply AHT and needed service level to create your desired staffing levels. As Rob said above - use an Erlang C calculator.

Then add your shrinkage on top of those hourly requirements. That will give you the total staffing hours needed. You can also search google for a video called Workforce Management 50+ Tips. That may help as well.

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