how to reduce AHT (by agent)

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I am a new employee at an call centre and my TL says I have to reduce my AHT (Average Handling Time) but he somehow refuses to tell me how to do this, any tips here for me?


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It's sad when this happens as it sounds like you are probably doing the right thing for the customer.

Contact centres often confuse efficiency for effectiveness.

You may be worth moving to a different contact centre that is more enlightened.

That said, there are a few techniques to take control of a call. You may get a few pointers from this article.

You could also ask to listen to recordings of your calls so that you can see if there are any mistakes that you are making.

Thanks, my employer claims that the AHT is prescribed by ISO9001. (we are busy with certification of the call centre ) I did ask my Group leader for feedback on old calls but that is now days ago, ( he only told me my quality is 60% and need to up it to 90% , but no feedback on individual calls)

any jobs at more enlightened contact centres in the London region?


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AHT has nothing to do with ISO9001. ISO9001 is concerned with quality.

If your quality scores are only 60% then you must be doing something wrong. I would ask for guidance about the types of mistakes that you are making and for any suggestions of how to improve it.

If you don't get any guidance from your group leader you may get some ideas from the people you work with who could also give you some pointers. You may also be able to ask one of the other group managers, if the opportunity arises.

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