How to reduce personal time

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How to reduce personal time
Please can you share your experience of agent personal time, we currently catorgorise personal time as , toilet breaks, making and purchasing drinks, time for personal phone calls. Although we do encourage these activities to be restricted to allocated break times We don't directly target this as a KPI although we do measure the amount of time lost by agent per day in personal status, to help us understand why call targets are not being met.
We have allowed 10 mins per agent per day in additional to 2 X 10 min breaks and lunch breaks between 30 and 60 mins. We can see that the majority of agents manage this time but a small amount of agents are abusing this sometimes taking up to 45 mins additional time off the phone per day in this status.
Does anyone else measure this, if so what targets do you apply, or don't you manage this and ensure agents are only using breaks and lunches.
I am looking to see if other contact centers measure agents in this way and if so what targets do you apply. how do you manage agents to reduce their time without removing their rights to go to the loo?


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Are they paid for personal time?
Ultimately there is no substitution for good management and if some people are abusing it then you may need to take action.

But if they are not being paid for personal time, then that may be harder to enforce as they could say that since they are not being paid then this is OK.

Ultimately it is all about showing them the effect that they are having is doing to customer service. Find some instances when queue times went up or calls got abandoned because you did not have enough people on the phone.

If they are being paid then it is not fair for those people who are working longer.

The only thing to watch out for though is that if you start to clamp down on personal time you may find it coming back in other areas, such as callers being placed on hold, or in an increase in warp time.

It's probably worth checking these as well particularly for your worst offenders.

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