I'm looking for suggestions for a script...

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I'm looking for suggestions for a script...
I need a script that is more effective that the one I am currently using.

I sell point-of sale systems and cash registers to restaurants etc.
Tickets range from $300 to 4K and they are solid products.
I get a list of new businesses in my area and this is what the script would be used for.

Some of the benefits of purchasing from us are:
We've been in business in our town over 65 years
We service what we sell and when you call you will get a real person, from our office.
We also sell credit card processing services (who doesn't)? including the EMV chip card services.
We have financing, along with 0% financing available on some deals.

I usually start like this..

Hello my name is Keith from xxx company in Boston.
We sell point of sale systems and cash registers and I wanted to give you a call to see
if there was anything I might be able to help you with.

At this point, my theory is that if they are in the market they will either say so or just start asking questions.
If not they will say so and I will end the call.

I'm starting to think I can do more while I have the prospect on the phone.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank You Very Much

Empathy and Understanding
Hi Keith.

Interesting question, and, it's good that you are looking for ways to improve yourself as well as just getting the sale!

Have a look at the link below. There's loads there that will help you build rapport and trust with the prospect.


Hope it helps. Remember we are a community here, so, come back to us and let us know how you got on. What worked for you and why? As important, what didn't work and why?

Best of luck!



My original post is supposed to say "Tickets range from $300 to 40K" not 4K.


Thanks DaveA
Thanks Dave. There is a ton of information there. I already sent the link to my boss.

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