I'm looking for suppliers of courses on....

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I'm looking for suppliers of courses on....
Script writing within call centres.

Hi there,
I'm trying to research some courses on script writing for the front end of our systems within an outsourced call centre. We have staff who currently write the scripts to be read out by Agents when making/taking calls but I'd like to expand their knowledge in this area and so far have drawn a blank.

We already have staff who will program the scripts so I really just need a course for Account Managers, Account Co-ordinators and Sales staff to learn how to structure scripts and ensure they flow properly.

Therefore, I'm looking for either public courses I can send staff on, or a provider who come and deliver the course to our team internally (we are based near London).

Any ideas woud be most welcome.

Kind Regards

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Hi Amy
Re your request for advice, training and development, Telebusiness Partners provides this service and all other contact centre related programmes.We would be delighted to discuss your requiremnts if you want to contact us or visit our website www.telebusinesspartners.com Good luck and look forward to hearing from you

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I'm looking for suppliers of courses on....
Hello to everyone who aspires to be a training professional or start his own setup,

Its nice to see that we share the same interest. I appreciate your interest in opening a training institute. The Best Person you can find to guide you all the way will be Mr. Upkar Chhibber, he is heading his company ie UP-ZEON INC. I have attended his session in september last year and have found the direction which i was looking for since past 3 years. Though he is very selective in dealing with people but if you have the fire to do something related to training people to be their best what ever may be the area of interest, he would certainly work with you to realise your goal of opening the training institute. You will get A to Z of being a traning professional or starting new training institute

With all consultants focus on infrastructure, technology etc to build up a training institute, none bothers about the content of what you wish to provide. Today all the people will work to get money out of your pocket but none will work out to fill your bag. Its a great idea for starting a training institute but what will make you a success will not how you present yourself in the market but how successful would a person be when he steps out from the training institute... In the current scenario you will find all the best resources to frame up your center, you can find readymade modules that you can add to your services, hire some trainers, put some people on Business development and marketing........ but what is that what will get you business.. Its your strategy how you deal with your clients, your trainers... till the time you are not trained in what your institute work for... you cannot be successful. Why i am writing all this is that I was in the same situation sometime back but couldn't crack the secret how to go about things especially if your goal is a training center... I got my answers, I am currently doing research in training psychology... after successfully delivering training services to individuals and the man behind my success is Upkar.

Keep in mind that money doesn't matter for him, its the character and interity that binds him with people who are willing to succeed in life. He is also one among the 6 indian psychic healers associated with world reknown free healing organization ORALIN. He is also among the few people who can provide training on the application of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Progmg) in sales and managment.You can search the web with any search engine (google/yahoo etc) with his name 'upkar chhibber' as the keyword. Also you can surf www.upzeon.8m.com
Best regards,

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I'm looking for suppliers of courses on....
Dear Smriti,

Thanks, Don't you think you have added to much.............



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LOL @ Upkar!

Mariessa Sheimar

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suppliers of courses
Hi Mariessa,


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im looking for suppliers of courses on ..
Hi Ukpar,

I'm sorry if 'I confused you .. LOL Means Laughing Out Loud at your reply (a little bit too far!)


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