I'm new to the job can you do it for me......

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I'm new to the job can you do it for me......
All too often I read on this and other sites posting such as " I've just got a new job as x and my problem is y I'm looking for help with.....". I was wondering how others react when they see these types of postings do they

a) see it as an example of a resourceful new appointee looking for help from the web and other sources.
b) see it as an example of a lazy appointee looking for someone else to solve the problem for them - someone who is unwilling to put in the time and effort to study from other sources - quick convenient fix via the web.
c) see it as a potential business opportunity for themselves.
d) see it as an example of an employer who has appointed someone without the skills or experience
e) see it as an opportunity to freely share their own expertise and display themselves as the expert.
f) see it as an example of someone who needs more training having come into a new job.
g) see it as an example of a very resourceful new appointee who will have solved a problem very cheaply and may even claim credit themselves.
h) see it as an example of someone simply trying to test the water and bring themselves into line with their competitors.

What do we see? Altruisim? Opportunism? Laziness? Exploitation? Weakness? Easy option?

Just curious regarding the dynamics of how these and other forums interact with the real world.

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Assisted posting :-)
d) followed by (in one case anyway) g).

See my err.. rant


I do get quite a lot in my Inbox, although I'm getting quite adept
at sorting the chancers from real.

It's normally (in my case) down to seeing if they have the basic
understanding of the job.





Upselling themselves
I tend tosee it as somebody somehow getting a job they are unable to do. Too often you see people asking what are common knowledge questions for anybody that has been in the business for a while. I dont mind helping (when I can) people, but I do take exception to questions such as ' How do I setup a call centre ....'

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any and all!
I think we see the full range here.

From lazy and incompetent opportunists who want it handed to them on a plate, to otherwise capable people who are simply looking for a fresh approach and a little bit of advice.

For me, it's all in how the question is phrased. I am unlikely to reply to someone who wants to leech, but someone who has obviously already put thought and effort in already and is asking if people are able to share experiences and approaches I will help if I have anything to add.


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I think we see a full range of those outlined.

I would also suggest that some folks will ask an open ended "how to" question rather than state what they believe they should do because they do not wish to look foolish, stupid or uninformed.

I always try to help where I can, but the "how do I set a call center?" requests just require too much effort to be helpful.

It is fairly easy to judge from the content, tone etc. if the ask is sincere or not.

Anyway thats one persons perspective.


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I blame the employers...
While we get a lot of genuine requests for help with creative solving of 'unusal' issues, we also get a lot of people where you have to ask
>how the hell did they get the job?!?!

I had an e-mail requesting a document i had drawn up on managing performance for operational excellence; the author of the e-mail wanted to know, in addition, 'what is Average Handle Time and how does it effect resource requirements?' This was from someone claiming to be Abbey's head consultant for there BPO contact centre operation...
>how the hell did they get the job?!?

When I see an e-mail stating 'i own a telephone and have some money, so thought i would get into call centres, what do I need to know?' I always hope they will be answered by the people who write 'i once answered the phone, and have decided to call myself a consultant, what do i need to tell people?"

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Have aptitude, need knowledge.
Well, I think there are some very good points here. Colin, I agree, you can tell by the tone if somebody has some experience or aptitude. Dylan, again a good point however some people get put into roles due to showing an ability in an area as opposed to having experience in it. If employers only took on people with specific relevant expertises then firstly there would be a greater quantity of uni graduates working in cafes ect. Secondly when a new innovation comes along there would be no point in using it as there would be know one experienced and thirdly the sector we work in would not exist. This may seem an extreme example but it is a hypothetical comment. At the end of the day this is a community and as such we all try to help where we can. New entrants to the site should not be spoon fed but empowered to search for answers themselves. If someone wants an answer to a pre existing topic then advise them of how to do a search. If they are a genuine member then they will be more self content that they found the info themselves. If they are after a quick win then they may not even bother to look. Also please bear in mind that when new to a role it takes time to build up your confidence and as such it may be some time before new members start to post comments themselves. With the exception of asking simple questions I was a members for several months before I submitted anything.

On a lighter note. Happy new year to you all.

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Dropped in at the deep end......
A litle while after first starting in Data Management, having moved up from telesales (long before we were bought out) I was put in the position of being the entire department after the manager left suddenly. I'll admit had I known about this site back then I'd have probably been asking questions on an hourly basis as I knew very little about how to do the job and was only running the diallers at the time. Not so much a case of taking the easy option as frantically trying to keep up.

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but I bet you would've asked nicely!


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I'd have asked very nicely Zoe. The only time I ever really got narked was when one of our diallers decided to start dropping calls with 10 agents waiting. Other than that I enjoyed the challenge.

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Help other people
I see it a bit like "e" but not the expert bit on the end, I will try and help people if I can but I think that we all draw a line at people who have no clue and expect to get all the knowledge and advice from forums like this

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