I need a good name for a new Contact Centre

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Hi guys we just open a contact centre but we haven't got choose the name yet so please I need your help to choose a good name .

Yours Faithfully

Ahmed Maghraby

Call Centre Manager



Whats the call centre representing?

Call center training & quality manager


Thanks SONNEY for your replay and our Call Center representing tell sales & customer service

Thanks Alot

Director, Strategic Partnerships


Ask your staff to come up with the name and reward the best suggestion

Marketing Manager

Direct Affinity Solutions


This is a great article. Although some elements relate to the change of an existing company, there are some prinicples you can apply.....


We're undertaking a similar exercies - so good luck.


Account Manager


I agree with Compton , get the staff together and have a brain storming/blue sky thinking session

Call center training & quality manager


Thank you all it was a great ideas ;)

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