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I am looking for some statistics on the success rate of customers completing ID&V in an automated IVR rather than with an agent.

Can anyone share any papers or insight?

Many thanks in advance.


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I've not seen anything
I've not seen anything published on this. I think that it tends to depend upon your type of industry.

Generally ID&V tends to take place on the web than through the IVR. The problem is that IVR input was more geared to phones with physical keypads. Now with smart phones it is difficult to listen to the instructions and press the keypad.

Built and analysed
We have introduced ID&V for both a customer ref number and DOB capture. The successful input rates depend on the nature of the calls, so for instance, if a caller is ringing about a renewal, they often have documentation to hand and inputs can be in the range of 70-80%. General customer enquiries is much less, 40-60%. Claims is lower than renewals as well.

As part of the work, its also important to ensure that teams that produce references do so in a way that they can be input into an IVR easily. In some fonts, a capital I can look like a | and callers didn't know whether it was a number or a letter.

We also tracked calls with the required details input and looked at CHT compared to callers not making inputs or just making partial input. However this may be slightly skewed in that callers with details to hand may be expected to have a lower CHT than callers who do not, you may be able to identify this in advance by a review of call recordings.

One aspect to consider is that it does increase the time in the IVR, so if you do introduce, perhaps gear any survey questions to see how customers react. Also if you pop these details onto a handler display, do they actually use them.

hope this helps

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