Ideas for Team Meetings

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Ideas for team meetings

I'm looking for some great ideas to spruce up my team meetings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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10 ways to improve your team meetings

Team meetings
Have in a room that is casual where everyone sees everyone.
Start off with Ice breakers (hwhar happened over the weekend )
Celebrate birthdays, milestones, what happened over the weekend, let the team fill the first part
Go over new issues....provide insight how it effects them with resolutions and if you don't have one assign it to someone or few to get a team resolution and review in next meeting.
Show team stats and celebrate top performers AND those that are performing better
Show trending
Go over new company events or industry events, assign a team from group to learn more and report back to group on what it does for the industry and the team and company.

Just a few things I like to do, the meeting is not just to vomit info but to get them together interact and learn ....not dread ( unless they dread having stuff assigned and researched)

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