Ideas on How to Deal w/ The Elderly & Tech Problems

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Ideas on How to Deal w/ The Elderly & Tech Problems
Hi everyone, I'm looking for new ideas on how to best support our elderly population with technical support problems. Our product set-up procedure involves connecting to wi-fi and Bluetooth and as many of you know, the elderly aren't as technically savvy. Any suggestions you can throw my way for how to best support them? Short of sending someone on-site, they need more visiualization. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!


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Better instructions
I think that it tends to point towards better instructions. You may be wise to produce some how to videos on the web site and have links to these in the instructions.
Also include lots of instructions such as a quick set up guide (pictorially based).
You can also ask your advisors about how to solve this, as well as getting some clues from listening to calls.
Finally look to simplify your procedures and also probably your product as well to make it easier to use.

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