If you could be a biscuit who would you be?

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It's Friday and almost the silly season so how about...

If you could be a biscuit or cookie who would you be? and why?

A rich tea, a digestive, a hob-nob? A Penguin, a ginger nut, a custard cream?

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I could add an element of controversy and say a Jaffa Cake, though the EU ruled that they were a cake, so I'd probably go with a chocolate caramel digestive, as I have a number of different traits to my personality, all of them tasy!!! :-)

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I would be a snicker doodle cookie :) cause i love it..lol.

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There are too many to choose from and as Peter Kay says the Hobnob is the SAS of all biscuits, especially when it comes to dunking!

You may be a different biscuit in your personal life compared to when you have your business head on.....


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Sometimes I feel like a box of broken biscuits :(

I was feeling like rich tea, but then I checked my bank statement.

You set the whole thing up for that gag didn't you!


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I'm sure that there must be better gags than that one.

I just Googled List of biscuits and came up with the "Biscuit Appreciation Society" http://www.biscuit.org.uk/

Do you think that some people have got too much time on their hands?

@ Jonty: You maybe?


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How about this one --

Chris visited his psychiatrist and told him that he thought he was turning into a packet of biscuits.

'What sort of biscuits?' asked the psychiatrist.

'Square ones,' answered Chris.

'With little holes in them?' the psychiatrist asked.

That's right, Doc,' responded Chris with relief, 'That's it exactly.'

'You're crackers!' announced the psychiatrist.

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