Importance of contact centre in a bigger organisation

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Importance of contact centre in a bigger organisation
How does it fit in bigger organisation


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Key Functions in the Contact Centre
The Contact Centre is a key part of the bigger organisation or company.

It concentrates a number of key customer facing services into one area
- Customer Service
- Telesales
- Technical Support
- Billing
- Collections (normally an outbound activity)

There are a number of other functions where a contact centre can be used
- Help Desk
- Customer Activations
- Internal HR support
- Appointment Booking
- Coordination of Field Service Engineers
- Command and Control for Major Incidents
- Emergency Response (e.g. Police, Ambulance, Fire)
- Marketing/ campaigns

A contact centre can either be in-house or it can be handled by an Outsourcer or BPO.

Most major organisations have one or more contact centres - often spread across a number of operations.

They can either be a cost centre, a profit centre (e.g. Telesales) or a combination of the both. Customer service functions can generate revenue from up selling (selling higher value contracts) or cross selling (selling different products to an existing customer).

They are particularly popular with larger organisations as they offer economies of scale as well as good reporting functions.

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