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Incentives Manager


Incentive Management
Does anyone know of a good incentive management software that will allow me as a team leader to incentivise my staff? We are currently using a manual system but it is struggling to engage the Agents and is localised to each room. I want something web based that can be run over multiple locations but it also needs to be customisable in that I only want specific metrics to be displayed.

I know this is a pretty tight set of parameters to work within but I thought I would check to see if anyone is aware of anything that they think would meet the criteria outlined above?

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What sort of metrics?

What sort of metrics would you want to display? Can you give examples?


Incentives Manager


To give you an example, we use Avaya and would like to display a real time display of wrap time, updated directly from Avaya which enables the Team Leader’s to make sure that they can pickup if someone is facing problem, get availability on calls, and keep a live check on high ACW’s. This helps capture any training issue, people stuck on calls and also identify any agent that might need help and finally to identify any occurrence of any undue advantage of wrap times. We ant to display this on a screen so the team can see it and it will help to motivate them. We also want to tie this into SLA's so those above their SLA will be in line for an incentive if they stay consistatnyl above it.

The problem we are having is finding a company who can provide us with this.



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Suggest you have a look at the IEX Insight package if you haven't already -

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Hi Dan
There is company i.m creative that do a lot of work with Cisco, I seen them at a few award shows last year and in the CCF magazine, they are building real cutting edge Incentive Flash games and Interactive Incentives that are tied in with Contact centre metrics and SLA's.

I think the url is or .com

Thanks, Kevin

Incentives Manager


Incentive Management
Thanks guys,

I'll look into both of these and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again

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