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Induction / Product Training
I am keen to hear from people who can share their tips on product training. I currently work for a large insurance company and am looking at ways of making the product training more exciting and interactive for the delegates.



Use Experiential Learning
Mmmm this is frequently the case; how to make the product more exciting. Unfortunately it is not the excitement that aids learning it's keying into deegates learning styles. I find that experiential training based around learning styles produces best results.

Exercises that have worked for me are a quiz between two teams where the teams set the questions for each other. Providing all basic product knowledge is in place this allows delegates to explore more arcane areas of product knowledge, the experts and theorists get to show their skills and the activists like particpating, it aids teamwork and you as the trainer act as quizmaster and hold court deciding correcting, guiding and arbitrating. Sometimes having team rounds sometimes individual sometimes digressing back to exporing topics etc etc.

A presentation back to the group of small specialised areas of knowledge also works well, particularly if delegates have to research issues and can use you as a resource.

Alternatively the delegates have to write a story encompassing various areas of product knowledge that you define - this captures reflectors and activists, allows people to be imaginative isn't hugely competitive but can be entertaining to see how delegates shoehorn in obscure topics.

Thats said, its never easy if the topic is very factual, try finding some interesting anecdotes and real-life 'in the field' stories regarding the product, this usually provides an interesting diversion and aids recall.

Lastly remember when you do your subsequent evaluation its not how exciting it is that counts, it's the learning that matters.

Hope this helps.

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