Industry Standard for DMC Rate

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Head of Contact Centre Management

Does anyone know if there is a acceptable level or industry standard for DMC contact rate in a outbound non dialler environment for B2C please.

Director of Consulting

h2i Consulting Limited

I don't believe there is a standard industry DMC rate as this KPI is driven by the financial return on investment required for the product being sold and the projected conversion rate of DMC to sale. Your ability to achieve the desired DMC rate relies on your ability to target outbound calling during the most receptive time of day for your customers.

As a general rule for B2C daytime calling in a non dialler environment a DMC target of 5 - 6 p/hr is achievable, for evening calling a DMC target of 8-10 p/hr is achievable.

In line with the need to focus more on cost per sale versus achieving required return on investment many companies have moved from using DMC as a KPI to focus on the sales per hour KPI but this works best when the cost per hour is fixed and not related to a 'pay on sales/performance' remuneration package to the call centre. If you are paying on a per sale basis then DMC is really not relevant.

Hope this helps.

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