Industry standard for Idle time?

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Industry standard for Idle time?
I've viewed the excellent Technical forum for some time, and after a request from the powers above i thought i could use a little help for my first post!

The question is regard to outbound dialling, is there any guidelines or industry standard as to how much idle time there should be between calls?

Currently our call breakdown is:

70% Talk
7% Wrap
23% Idle

What sort of figures are other firms working on?

Many thanks in advance

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Idle Time on Predictive
Having checked an average of two of our customers dialling yesterday the average of the two was:

Idle / Wait = 11 per cent
Talk = 64 per cent
Wrap = 25 per cent

It's very obviously difficult to compare campaigns though as there are so many variables depending on your objectives and who you are calling and when. As a consequence you may find that there is not a widely accepted or published norm.

In case it helps the dialling hours were Noon until 7pm.


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Industry standard for idle time
I measure idle time as the average amount of seconds, rather than percentage figures.

The idle & wrap % can be made to look artificially low if the collectors are spending longer than they should in Talk mode.

Just a thought.

Looking for standard...
Looking for standards around some outbound KPI's. What is and industry standard for outbound idle time and abandon rate, knowing that it can vary by dialer platform


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I've not seen any s...
I've not seen any standard figures for this. If you find any please could you share them.

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