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Hi all

I hope someone can help me please.

i am opening a call centre and all the infrustucture is in place however i would like to know what other things do i need to look at.

Things like




Language skill



What else can i look at?

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You should definitely add Business Processes & Mapping i.e. make sure you map your processes and that there are no gaps. In addition ensure responsibilities are allocated to specific roles and that the holder of the role knows they are responsible.

Also think about embedding controls or checks within the processes designed to support compliance with relevant regulations and quality. Also consider Business Continuity Planning, you don't say if this is an internal or outsourcer call centre.

If you're an outsourcer you don't earn income when you can't operate. If it's internal then make sure that the current Business Continuity Plan gets updated.

Another critical item to look at is Management Information, what information can you get from your systems that help you manage the efficiency, performance and effectiveness of your call centre.

Good Luck


You need to get a good resource planner to forecast inbound call volumes, schedule agent rotas and build your outbound campaigns.

If you are outbound calling, you will need to segment the data by date of birth so you are only calling customers during business hours that are likely to be retired and below age 60 in the evening to maximise response rate.

Good luck!

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