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Hi there - I am really hoping you can give me some ideas on what works well within your call centers that deals with internal communication. I am finding that information sent to our supervisors that needs to be communicated to the Representives (and not if the form of just emails) is not being delivered in a timely fashion. We run mainly an inbound customer service/sales center. Thanks


Call Centre Helper

There are a number of different techniques and a combination of all of them could work

- Get your team leaders to all do a weekly 30 minute team meeting where you comminicate key messages. Schedule them so that other teans can cover and you can get the whole team off the phone. (If you can only do one thisng this should be it).

- Set up an internal Facebook like site where people can communicate with each other

- Set up a Wiki or a bulletin board as a knowledge management tool

- Wallboards and posters on the way into the call centre

- Leaflet on everybody's desk once a week

- Prioritise what they key things you want to tell people

- Use the rule of three - people usually only remember 3 things. So break all of your communications down into three memorable messages

- Don't rely on email

Anyone else got any ideas?

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