Interval accuracy

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Interval accuracy
Looking to see what the forecasters out there aim for in terms of interval accuracy. Our target is to answer calls on average within 30seconds for the day, and I'm being asked to review my intervals on that service level. Any thoughts would be hugely helpful.


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Seems that is quite a low service level
So if you are doing 50% of calls answered in 30 seconds then that sounds like quite a low SLA.

We have found that the industry average is 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds and the better companies doing 90 or 15% of calls answered in 15 seconds.

This article may help

What are your intervals
Hi Paul
What intervals are you working to? 15mins, 30mins, 1 hr? I've worked to a variety of SLA's and Jonty is right that 80/20 is pretty standard, however I do know of a few places that work to a 80/30 model.

Hi Laura, currently we are being asked to deliver 95% within 30sec, but this was always worked out on a daily average.

Now the conversations are specific to each 15 minute interval at the same 95/30.


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Using the Day Planner?
I'm not sure if you have done an Erlang breakdown on the traffic.
If you had a breakdown of the calls per interval you could see the impact using the day planner as part of the Erlang calculator. Just select the 8 hour or 24 hour option and then you can enter the individual intervals

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