Is there any data around Monitor fatigue?

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Is there any data around Monitor fatigue?
What is the threshold for how many monitors a QA specialist can do daily? Meaning, at what point does monitoring call become less affective due to the reparative work?
Our monitoring average time 13 minutes per call. My team has provided feedback that they reach this point around 10 monitors when done daily.

Anyone else have information around this.


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Seems on the low side
Seems on the low side.

10 x 13 minutes = 130 minutes = Just over 2 hours.

I would expect that it should be like 4+ hours of monitoring.

Maybe just target them on doing 10 calls in the morning and then move them onto other work in the afternoon.

Depends upon the nature of the call and how much paperwork you have to fill in.

Best way to check is to do this side by side with a number of the team.

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