Is there anything called e-CRM???

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Is there anything called e-CRM???

Use of internet technology in relationship marketing is the new thing. Everyone talks about it. In India there are training institutes which teach you e-CRM in 100 hrs along with HTML programming and web designing.Ask most of them they equate e-CRM with e-commerce.

What is e-CRM?Is it another jargon from nerds to confuse common man?Is it all about use of internet as a technology for cost effective customer interaction?

What is this m-CRM then? How do we relate relationship marketing, CRM, e-CRM and m-CRM? Are they all same things but relate to different customer channels?

Let us explore with our experts-- any contributors???

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e-CRM and m-CRM
To briefly answer you questions aboiut these two overused letters...
eCRM - is simply the utilising technology to address effective Customer Relationship Management ( via the web - remember when call centres weren't web-enabled.... it was simply called CRM then... but now they are web enabled those crafty consultants want to earn more money by adapting their sales patter and now call it e-CRM.

m-CRM is simply using technology to address the Mobile phone user... simply put they are referring to 3G or next generation mobile phones that can surf the web... send emails... and countless other applications not yet thought of.

Have no fear with these terms as the simple motto always holds truth... simply give your customers industry leading Customer Service across all possible mediums... and you will get the loyalty, revenue and growth you rightly deserve.

Hope this helps..

Warwick Hill

Editor of Customer Service News

Wilson Publications

Re the original question, e-CRM is meaningless. Look at the definition of CRM (which has become so twisted as to become a mess). It is a strategy to place the customer at the centre of your business. This means uniting both the systems and collective thinking of every strand of your business so that the goal is to solely focus on the customer. CRM then must include every channel in this philosophy, meaning that the internet, which when all is said and done, is just another channel, must be part of the orignal CRM strategy. So, what does the 'e' denote then? A CRM strategy that includes the internet? A true CRM strategy would have the interent included from the begining.
My advice would be, don't worry about e-CRM, it will disapear althgether within ayear.



Jargons all!!!

To give the true definitions in a CSR handbook should be:
CRM - Customer Rates Me
e-CRM- Every Customer Requires me
m-CRM- Many Customers Repurchase because of Me
RM - Require Motivation

Any better definitions by CSR's?


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