Issuing Warnings for Quality.

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Issuing Warnings for Quality.
I need so help, manager informed us verbally that if we score 0% for documentation in quality will result in signing a warning. However on our code and conduct it does not stapulate that rule.

Furthermore more quality monitor send an email advising scoring 0%falls under a ZTP.

My question is do we sign this warning issued out for 0%, even though it's not stapulated in black and white?

I'm desperate for assistance

Thank you for response in advance


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Quality Warning
You have not said which country you are in or what type of warning you are referring to.

Ultimately you have to provide a quality service to your customers and make sure that it is documented.

Your quality procedures should be documented. If you feel that the quality procedures are not well documented and you are being treated unfairly, you should take this up through the company grievance procedure.

Contact the HR department if you are unhappy.

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