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Hi All,
We are currently looking to upgrade our very old ivr system . Before we go through any vendor selections we are trying decide if our ivr should be hosted or in house . My manager has asked me to come up with some pro's and con's of both . Any advice please ?
Many Thanks

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I did some work on a hosted IVR application a couple of weeks ago. I will see if I can get the relevant information for you.

I should be able to post it for you tomorrow.



Thesaurus Consulting Limited


Network Based IVR has many advantages. I am currently working with a client who provide this. If you want to have a chat, please feel free to contact me.


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IVR & ASR Development House

Hi All,

We currently provide solutions either as a direct sale or hosted model. We are currently hosting for British Airways with the Speech Recognition Brochure Request Service and this application is taking 1.2M brocure requests per annum.

We are also delivering hosting for RBS & Vauxhall Motors.

I suppose it's dependant on the application and call volumnes if you wish to have a chat or would like the telephone numbers to try then please contact me.

Many thanks



Reynard Thomson Ltd.

A friendly word...
Hi guys,

Don't forget that CCV isn't for touting for trade - as I'm in a good mood I'll let it pass this time, but anyone posting any topic or reply with advertising content may find it vanishes pretty quickly. We do this to keep the quality high and the noise low.


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BNK eSolution

hosted IVR
can someone contact me with info on hosted iVR application. callcenter@bnkonline.net

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Alliance Infotech Pvt Ltd

We are a developer of IVRS. let me see if we can get some data to help you decide.



XRL Communications Ltd

Network based IVR
Hi Gary,

I have two documents I can send comparing features and benfits of network based (outsourced) IVR compared to normal IVR if you want to contact me

Features IVR SOLUTION Network based solution Benefits of
network based solution

Local queue Yes Yes Off-line solution
with unlimited
call capacity

Central queue Yes Yes No call forwarding
costs or tromboning.
Unlimited call

Time routing Yes Yes No call forwarding
costs or tromboning.
Unlimited call capacity
Stats No Yes Real time statistics

Messaging Yes Yes Does not occupy lines
on the PBX out of hours
recovery No Yes Can still operate
business anywhere
Service Yes Yes No engaged tones.
Continuity of service

Scalability Yes Yes Minimal additional cost





IVR options
Hi Gary,

Your options will depend on what flexbility you have regarding your technical platform as well as what functionalities you are looking to offer and what timeline you are considering. We implemented a natural language (speech recognition) application for a large telecom recently.

Please email me if you want more information. lucas.chang@accenture.com.


Business Development Director

Braxtel Communications Inc

I have a great IVR platform that can be purchased as we have or hosted as we have in our USA multi site set up
mail me on Nthwaites@Braxtel.com if you want me to send you the details

Good luck

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