IVR Benchmarking

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IVR Benchmarking
I want to know the industry benchmark for outbound call center for three key metrics namely
1. IVR Abandonment rate
2. IVR Exit rate
3. IVR Routing accuracy


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IVR Benchmarking
I've not seen figures for these so these would be guestimates

1. IVR Abandonment rate - I have heard of cases where this gets as high as 17%. I would say that 5% or so would be realistic.
2. IVR Exit rate - Not sure what you mean by this.
3. IVR Routing accuracy. Probably something like 5 - 25% of callers end up by getting routed to the wrong location - either because no option suits their case, or because they press a different button to get answered quicker.

Thank you
Thank you for your prompt response to the query.
By IVR exit rate i mean % of callers who contact IVR, may or many not perform some meaningful activity, but either opt out to a agent or error out

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