IVR Calls

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IVR Calls
Is it possible to have more Agent calls received than calls received to the IVR?

Hi Steve, it's quit...
Hi Steve, it's quite common for there to be direct routes too - meaning calls which can be queued without having passed through an IVR. That's likely the case here.

Unfortunately, without knowing more about which platform you're using or about your routing design I'd just be making guesses at the cause of the variance.

Yes, if you have inb...
Yes, if you have inbound routing/targeting strategies that are not hitting your IVR in the first place.
Other scenarios include callers zeroing out of the initial greeting/prompts thereby not getting deep enough into the application to trigger your IVR statistical counters. Or, you are counting internal transfers and consultations between agents in their Call Detail Records....if 1000 calls are made through the IVR and those calls generate on average 1 call presentation to an agent and 1 consultation with another agent then you'd have 1000 IVR calls with 2000 agent calls. There could be lots of reasons why this is happening. What is your scenario?

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