Job Hopping Can Kill Small Call Centers.

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Job Hopping Can Kill Small Call Centers.
Hello everyone,
I dont know whether this topic would be of any interest to all the members here, but i think we should find ways to Handle this upcomming problem.

I am proud to pen that i was a part of a call center which turned out to be a successfull Call Center in a short span of time.But at the same time it hurts cause after the call center was stable i had to relocate and so had to quit my job, soon after that employees from this center started switching jobs to other branded Centers and today this center is at the verge of closure.
I feel bad cause i had worked really hard to see this center where i wanted it to be but today its really sad.
The point is that we as members of CCV can comeup with ways to solve this problem and probably save some other Call Center being killed.
I would request every individual to share their opinion about the same.

Warm Regards,

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Exit Interviews
Good Topic.

I would recommend that you do Exit Interviews and really pay attention to what the people say. There has to be a reason(s) why everyone is leaving and you will never know unless you ask.

Another good thing might be to do an employee survey to find out what employees like and dislike about their jobs.


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Job Hopping.
Hi all,
Thank you Marianne for your valued input.The only reason was Insecurity.Anyways I do understand that employees may not like to stick to an organisation in that state.
Lets try and find out how an Organisation can escape from this Job Hopping problem.I would request everyone to contribute their inputs on this cause it might really help someone.Strongly beleiving Ideas play a mojor role in inventions.



No easy answer

This topic has been discussed at length elsewhere on the site

This is just one example, for other access the search function and type in 'churn' or 'retention'.

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Job Hopping
I would like to thank you for your reference.I did visit the URL you have mentioned it does give a lot of information about Employee Retention and ways to get over it.
My hearty thanks to you Mark once again.
Take care.

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