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Hi all, I have just been taken on in a contact centre in the uk. So my priority is to do well and impress. I know that is wrong to Judge a book by its cover, but my line manager looks unpleasant. I have not worked with her yet as I am still in training. She has already commented on the fact that I have red eyes and look tired, this is because I have hay fever and have had laser correction which has not really taken that well because I have dry eye syndrome which means I do not produce enough tears, consequences my eyes itch and I end up rubbing them too much. She does not know about this yet. As I have stated above, I know its wrong to pre-judge or stereotype others but I have had issues in past employments where I end up not hitting off with a colleague or boss because they have their head up their own arses, consequently I do not want that to happen again. Any advice guys on how to stop judging folk before I have actually worked with them. Thanks guys.


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I would personally have a chat with your line manager and have a quiet word and explain that the reason that your eyes are red is because you have eye problems.

You need to open up the lines of communication and try to get her on side.

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