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I need help in Maintaining my Team's Productive Hours

Just to give everyone a brief picture of the scenario, I am a supervisor handling a team of 15 agents I handle a collection based portfolio and my agent’s shifts lasts 7.5 hours out of which 4 hrs they do research on the accounts and the rest time they are over the phone (roughly 3.5 hrs).

In a day they make an average of 60 outbound calls and receive about 15 inbound calls duration of each call is about 3 - 5 min.

Now the Problem #@#@#

As my process is a manual process (no Dialer interface agents need to dial number each time) it becomes quite difficult for me to keep a tab on the performance of my team and I really do not want to be like a policeman watching them. It was quite easy to maintain my team’s Time On System (TOS) when they used to call on (Davox & Melita/Eshare) as it use to generate a report after the end of every shift.

Now I do get a report of my teams login hours fro the daily phone reports however it is not a rue picture as I know it can easily be manipulated. I know one thing for sure that if can get some system in place wherein I can monitor their Time On System in a better way it will be a big boost to my teams productivity.

I will be grateful if someone can suggest me a way where in I can keep a track of my teams login Hours.

Thanks & Regards,

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Phone System
What type of phone system are you using?

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help in Maintaining my Team's Productive Hours
Hi Ravi,
I too use no dialer interface. My agents dila the numbers manually. But I have a simple system that could track their productivity to an extent. I can send you a sample of a report if you could give me your mail id.
Im somehow not able to attach the file here.


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help in Maintaining my Team's Productive Hours
Marriane : Currently we are using Avaya centrVU phone system.
Manoj: Even I have made an excel file that can be used to track their productivity which i am unable to forward you now as it is saved on my old office outlook PST once I get it on my system I will email the same to you and you can mail me the format at

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Help Needed
Hi Manoj,
I am still waiting for the file.
PLease send it over to

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hi manoj,

would be great if you could assist me too with the reporting tool.

email me at

thanks & rgds,


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Productive Hours

To keep track of your staffs login hours, is this the time they sit at their desk or the time they are on the telephone?

If it is the time they are at their desk, you could create a simple Access database.

If you had the 4 fields, 2 date fields which are auto populated with todays date/time when a new record is created, a dropdown field whic lists the names of all the people in your team. Another dropdown field which lists At Desk or Away From Desk.

Everytime they get up or sit down they take a few seconds to create a record for their name and select either At Desk or Away from desk, this will auto populate the date/time field, which you will be able to create a query for each agent from, which deducts one time field from the other to display the length of sessions at work, you can then total these up to give you your daily figures.

It may take a little trial and error, but I think this is a possible solution.

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I got the Required Help
Hi Rob,

Thanks for this lead !!! I am not that good with databases but I will devlope a Macro in Excel which can perform the similar function .

Thanks a lot for the help provided.


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