Key metrics to include in the SOW

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Key metrics to include in the Statement Of Work when hiring a 3rd Party Call Centre
Hello Everyone,

My company is looking to inboard a 3rd Party Call Centre to handle peak periods.

I have already worked with a few 3rd Party Call Centres and include the following metrics:

  • Occupancy rate of 85% or more

  • SLA target

  • Time to ramp up or ramp down agents if actual volumes do not meet foretasted volumes.

What are other KEY one that should be included in the SOW in order to hold the 3rd party accountable and ensure that we are not being over billed for idle agents.

Thank you for your help


Call Centre Helper

Measure outcomes not occupancy
You need to more outcomes measures.

It you are worried about efficiency measure total talk time, not occupancy.
Lower occupancy rates may be better if you can improve quality scores.

I would include some metrics about minimum quality scores or minimum customer satisfaction rates or something around First Contact Resolution / Repeat Contact Rates.

If you only measure efficiency the customer will suffer.

Call Centre Manager

Thank you Jonty...
Thank you Jonty

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