Knowledge Retention

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Knowledge Retention

We have the agents who are handling more than one client,
Ex - Agents crosskilled to handle 3 to 4 client, hence on an average they handle at least 5 to 10 calls per client.

Knowledge retention for such agents is becoming a challenging for the agent as well to the supervisors to motivate the agents.

do you have kind of themes or ideas which can be practically implemented on such teams.




You need to implement an easy access knowledge management system with a real time update.

You gotta spend some money on them or risk losing clients.


Knowledge Retention

Thanks for the Reply,

We already have in place

Knowledge management system, where the agents have easy access to all the required documents.
As of now,
1)Agents are doing fine
2)They dont have any complaints of handling more than 1 client
3)The reports generated shows the targets are been met.

Since to improve their utilization much better, we are planning to add up 1 or 2 clients more to them, hence before they come up and saying knowledge retention would be a challenge.

I want a system to be in place, I wanted to know in apart from having knowledge base in place, is there anything we can do by creativity one thing thought was conducting the quizes on floor, but again we cant pull agents from the floor, so we are doing this with the share point site.

hope this adds up some addtional requirement




Training is a viable business cost
As you up the knowledge you will find different skills sets are required. You may need to recruit staff who are more adept at picking up new information.
You will also need to factor in training.

As a trainer I wouldnt recommend quizzes as the sole means of training. What's the point in asking staff to remember facts they can look up on the KMS anyway?

You need to factor in training before staff go live, if you are saying you cant pull staff of the phone to do this then I fear your clients and service is bound to suffer.

If you are increasing the skill or knowledge set of staff you must invest in training and you must budget for this standard business need with resources and time.

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Agree with


I agree with "Closed" - you need to invest in training - Have you considered e-learning rather than classroom based?

I was unclear from your statements as to who ion your business had said that the extra knowledge needed to handle 3 or 4 clients would be a problem? How do you know that? How much knowledge is need to handle 14 client?


Knowledge Retention


I was very happy to see the reply to my query,
Let me add some more inputs now,

I completely agree with the fact that Training is a must which has to be given priority.
In fact the techs who are selected for the cross skilling, we consider
1) The historical data of the technologist (Individual Performance)
2) The attitude and behaviour of the technologist (Leave planning etc....)
3) His skills, particularly in CSAT and grasping ability.

Considering all the above we have a very strong team of shared resource as of now.

I wanted to know, apart from training is there something innovative which can be done.

Thanks and Regards,



Why please?
>>>apart from training is there something innovative which can be done?

Why do you need to do something innovative? What is it that is missing? What isnt the training delivering for you?

If you training isnt delivering the required result then either your needs analysis is poor, or its badly designed or delivered.

What do you hope to achieve by doing something innovative? You seem to be saying that you have no problems with the new regime.

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Jack of all trade....
Hey there,

Well Santosh one of the most important factor which might have an effect in such kind of process is that at the end of it the agent becomes Jack of all trade and master of none.
I am not aware of the fact and figures but how many times an agent changes role? Is that per day, week, fortnight or month. May I suggest you to keep them in a particular role for sufficient time so that their competencies are measured and get them in there KPIs which shall help them grow as well. This would also lead to discover there inclination towards a process.



Knowledge Retention

The techs selected will be permanently in the same role, they are not changed of their role at all. currently i am thinking of using our share point site where all the techs have the access. We would be adding few riddles, queries etc..... regarding the lines of businesses they are handling.
let me see if that works out.

thnx for your reply

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