Lack of experience led to some problems.

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Lack of experience led to some problems.
Hi.I started a very small outbound call center with 3 agents. I started it without any previous experience which led to some problems.
1.Agent's got too relaxed. There were no strict rules or even goals for the first 2 weeks. So day by day agents got more comfortable with watching YouTube or scrolling FB etc. Do you have any suggestions how we should get back on track without getting agents "morale" drastically down?
2. I think 1 question is more than enough and I would be very grateful if somebody takes their time to answer.


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Good policy and Employee monitoring software
Firstly you need to set expectations of what is considered acceptable. Work is for work, so people should only be doing work when they are at work - not playing on Facebook.

There are a number of things that you can do in the router to block Facebook and YouTube. You can also bring in employee tracking software that helps track what people are using. You can also get devices that block people using mobile phones at their desks.

Once you have set the policy, you then need to reinforce it. I would not worry about reducing morale on this issue. It will soon bounce back up afterwards.

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