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I do some appointment setting campaigns but many clients ask to send them either information or leave contact information.

Both things are a problem because I cannot send information from my clients business e-mail address and a gmail address looks pretty bad.

Should I ask all clients to create an e-mail address for us?

If I should leave a phone number but if I have different clients, it´s bad as well because I can only pick up the phone by saying my name but not by stating the company. So I need a big bunch of phone numbers in this case.

So I guess the easiest thing is to call them later and not giving out any information, is that correct?


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1) You'd be surprised how easy it is to use a different email address during outbound emailing. Test it and check the headers of what you receive. Gmail and many other senders allow it but put their "trace" in the headers to be sure you aren't spamming (because it can be traced, and you'll get caught).

2) A Good telephone system can capture inbound calls by CID and route them based on that value. Thus allowing the receiving agent to hear a pre-recorded message such as "Answer as Jones Co" before the call is handed to them. It is also possible to modify the callerid NAME to the company being represented and leaving the callerid Number as the caller. Many possibilities.

Do not overlook the possibility of a sub-domain from which to send email (jonesco.yourcompany.com) which would allow your call center agents to be "JaneAccountRep@jonesco.yourcompany.com" instead of a gmail or client branded email. You'd still get the email, the client name is in the site. And remember that much of this can be done very inexpensively if you do it yourself (ie: $10US annually for the domain, subdomains are free if you already have a domain, and outbound email is free if you have the right Registrar for the $10US annual fee).

I would say properly best part is to Have it set up for client to set you up on email domain.

We done campaigns for appointment setting which we used a Online Calendar but when the email went out to confirm it or send information was there generic Group Inbox which they all manage.

We do actully use a cleaver outbound dialler which we simply change the Caller Display to the other companies phone number which if they called back it goes straight through to them. But if you wanted DirectDials you could simply have a Group of Virtual Cloud Numbers which diverts to yourselves with Call Whisper. Which every client has a different number.


Caller Dials 0123 456 7890 > Routes to your number > You hear ABC Ltd > You answer it as ABC Ltd how may I help you. = Nobody knows your a outsourcer. Then after you finished you can simply ask the client if they like to port the number to them.

I know a company called SaltireTelecom who does this which they allow the client to keep the cloud number for couple months for free just to weed out the people who got old number.

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