Legal requirement

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Legal requirement
As a contact centre is there a legal requirement to provide certain facilities for disabled customers i.e.

• Textphone for deaf and hard of hearing.
• Braille letters / invoicing etc.

Is there a general rule or are there separate rules for members of the public and professional customers?
Any advice will be much appreciated.


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Disability Discrimination Act
The Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of disability in the provision of goods and services, and says that service providers must make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled people to use their services.

Take a read of these two articles

There are also lots of other rules that you need to be careful of
- Making silent and outbound calls
- Call recording
- Data Protection Act
- The right to opt out
- Card Payments (PCI/DSS Compliance)
- Soon it will be the General Data Protection regulations GDPR

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