Life insurance-functions can be performed through a call center

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Please be good enough to post your comments on this.Just want to know what are the types of functions can be performed through a call center which runs by a life insurance company


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Hi Srikanth

The main uses of a contact centre for life insurance tend to be

- Inbound sales (typically inbound)

- Customer service (e.g. handling medicals and dealing with payment queries)

- Claims (in the event of a death or serious injury)



Hi Jonty,

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. I'm a manager of a insurance company which deals with life insurance & i was given the task of handling the call center. Currently there are 11 employees occupied & basically our operation is handling hospitalization inquiries & payment inquiries. I just want to what are the areas that we can explore through the call center. We don't do any selling for the time being. but yes we have both inbound & outbound functions. I just got an idea when you talked about handling claims through the call thanks a lot for your time in replying me.

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How about:

Inbound Sales

Outbound Sales


Retention activity

Win-back activity

Customer Service

Claims Triage and first point of contact

Welcome Calls to build customer loyalty



Hi Janette,

Well we have all these in action now..Just wanted to find anything else that will help us to promote our image & also the profits..But thanks for the info

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