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Hi can anyone tell me is your manager allowed to listen to you remotely without you being aware

Hi someone sent me the reply below but there is no recorded message alerting anyone that all calls are recorded, so anyone ringing form internal or external are not aware they are been recorded, under data protection how can this be legal.

(This is someones reply to my first query) Yes, they are. You work for them and it implied that all calls are recorded for training and monitoring

Assuming you are in the UK there doesn't legally have to be an announcement.

Although most companies do so just as a back covering method.

Even in Financial services where the recording is a legal requirement I know

one company that just puts a note at the bottom of their letterhead.

As for listening in, that's not actually recording so no legal background at all...



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DaveA is right,in the UK there is no legal requirement to announce this, and it is often does as best practice.

If you wan't anymore information there is a handy Web Page here;

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