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I am a soft skills trainer for a telecommunications company, and I find that during my training sessions agents want to hear examples of calls. The problem that I face though, is that when you find a call to play (good or bad) and suggest to managers about playing calls from their agents, the response is that they would rather have calls played from our outsourced vendor (especially if they are bad calls) so that the agents don't feel picked on or embarrassed. The agents know that their calls are used for training and quality purposes; and by playing bad calls just from the outsourcer doesn't that instill a belief that the outsourcer isn't doing an adequate job? Any feedback or suggestions?

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It’s disappointing to hear your team leaders do not see the multiple positive opportunities call listening can provide for team effectiveness. In a previous role I used my call listening sessions as a coaching exercise and the way it was done, it was often a great rapport building opportunity too. Rather than being an uncomfortable arduous chore, it became a bit of a giggle. Ok not every time, but it certainly wasn’t something I dreaded.

Ask your agents to choose the call themselves. How can they feel picked on, when they pick the call? :) Ask them to score the call. 9/10 they will mark the call a lot lower than you or the managers will. You can ask the agent to point out areas they did well in. Again 9/10 the will talk about what they did badly, giving you the option to highlight their strengths.

Call listening should be an opportunity to grow your agents and something they buy into if the objective is delivered correctly. BTW, I will be reading this to myself when I introduce call listening to my team in the next month or so!

Good luck

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I agree with juliaLyons , the use of using the agent’s calls for training purposes is invaluable. When I do 1-2-1 coaching then to randomly pick a call allows a partnership approach with the coaching session. When I run soft skill workshops then I use a mixture of calls from advisors that no longer work in the company and advisor's picking their own calls (it does make them sit up and be more engaged in the process) I have a great scoring sheet that I would be happy to email to you?

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Hi PConneen

In your post you suggest that you have people feeling embarressed or that they feel picked on

I think this is very much a culteral feeling and takes some time to move away from, you need to get senior memeber to buy into it before it can work - this at times is the most challenging part - we also know that a postive environment is much harder to breed and that a negative culture is easier to take over and spread like wild fire....

When it comes to QA or Training sessions i have used the 5:2 method

Every call will have something good in it even if its simply down to the agent saying name and company correct....

The best way i have found is to actually ask the agents to listen to their own calls - thus alleviating embarrassement - i then ask them to find 5 good things to keep doing and 2 points which they want to develope and work on.

This puts the ownership back onto themsleves and means that they can take pride in thier work and push forward their own development.

I started donig this in one on ones whereas now i regualarly get members of the floor from all levels requesting calls for them to listen and analyse and progress.

Negative feeling gone - positive ideas promoted - pride and personal developement improved and ongoing

Hope this helps


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