Long AHTs, small volumes, erlang breaking down?

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Long AHTs, small volumes, erlang breaking down?

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience on erlang C not working when AHT is very long - i.e. 30 minutes. With a small number of agents, and relatively low arrival rate - i.e. 5 per hour, it seems possible that erlang C won't cater for calls spanning multiple intervals and it can all fall apart very quickly - meaning queueing calls and service levels tanking. I have done quite some research on this topic but cannot find anything on it



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Increase the interval time
If AHT is 30 minutes then you need to look at lengthening the interval time.

So instead of 2 calls per 30 minutes use 4 calls per hour. This should help with the overhang.

If you want to look at the impact of overhang use the simulator rather than the Erlang calculator. Being a simulation it will give slightly different results when you run it, but it will show you the overhang from one period to another and also the variability on the arrival of calls.


Thanks for that, a l...
Thanks for that, a longer interval was certainly something we are in the process of looking at. Is there any generic guidance on what the interval length should be? i.e. Interval should be at minimum 2x AHT?

Also, I had already taken a look at the simulator, it's a great tool !

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