Looking for an affordable WFM software while changing our phone system

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Looking for an affordable WFM software while changing our phone system
We are currently shopping to change our phone system whle also try to optimize our schedule management with a WFM software. We want to build schedule more efficiently and staff the call center more accurately according to our forecast. Right now everything is done in excel based on erlang c forecast, it's working but the person in charge of the schedule is struggling more and more with the company's expansion.

We looked at Calabrio but the cost is really more than what we can afford. I was wondering if some software offers similar features at a reasonnable pricing. Also wondering if you can save by having a software where you can manually upload your historical data instead of paying for a software directly connected to your phone system. We would also need call recording if the software offers both.

Our main call center have about 90 agents that would benefits from the software. We also have smaller teams in other locations that would use it.

Tx in advance for your answers.

Several systems will...
Several systems will give you a cloud solution on a per agent per month basis. Injixo and u-wfm are two who immediately come to mind - ut there would be others out there. This could allow you to scale up and down as you evaluate which teams would benefit.

Not sure manual loading would make much difference as irrespective a system would still need to do the input - you only changing frequency. But probably a provider could offer more advice on this.

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