Lunch schedule with small staff and short hours

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Lunch schedule with small staff and short hours
Hey team,

Just curious, I’m work the schedule for a contact center that is open from 7am-7pm. Lunches start times range from 10am-3pm . I have 32 consultants. Our peak times range basically during our lunch times. We offer 1 hour lunches . How would you approach this dilemma ?


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Offer a range of staggered lunches
It is all about matching demand with supply of staff. Not everyone will want a one hour lunch. Some may be happier with a 30 minute or 45 minute lunch with the ability to end earlier. That may give extra flexibility.

The alternative may be to recruit a number of staff who work a 4 hour day working over the lunch period e.g. 11:00 to 15:00. This could give extra coverage when needed.

You could also offer to break up the break even further with 1 20 minute break and then use the rest as 5 or 10 minute breaks.

Pt'ers no lunch option
Agree with Aaron. Part timers is good solution, they work smaller periods that can help cover when others on lunch. For example we have pters work 5 hrs shifts, which only gives them 1 15min break. Helps with peak times. Remember have to look at break/lunch laws, some states have laws were requires lunch based on amount employees employed or length of shift.

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