Mailroom contact Center; Metrics for Mailroom Bill Payment Letter Openers

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Mailroom contact Center; Metrics for Mailroom Bill Payment Letter Openers
I manage a contact center that has "offline" agents. These agents process incoming payments from bills sent out., I average 1300 parcels a day and have 10 FTE with an average of 130 per agent in an 8hr day. The interactions with each letter sometimes involve contacting the customer for follow up. I do coach to the daily incoming mail average so that all are completing a daily workload but still some do more then others (way more).
My question is does anyone have any experience or metrics they use in this instance?


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There is usually quite a wide variation in workload
This is quite a typical problem and one for which there is not a clear answer. We also see this in call handling and there has been a conversation going on about this in our Linkedin Group. It would be worth having a read of this as you may be able to glean some ideas from that.

Some of the factors
- Maturity
- Motivation
- Skill levels
- Desire to build rapport
- Coaching

It is difficult to isolate, without careful observation of the workload and without better logging and tracking. It is quite easy to get tracking software that can track screenshots, and you can also listen to call recordings. This will help you to pinpoint what is causing the variability.

I would suggest that you are very careful in sharing league tables as once quantity becomes visible you may find that quality drops. It is much better to coach team members who are not performing so well. In these cases you can coach on individual workloads.

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