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Hi All,

I appreciate if any one could give me an idea of a roster pattern for a staff of 7.Working hours for each person should not exceed 45 hours per week.If anyone can provide me a help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!

Logica Private Limited


We would need a little more information to do this. How many hours in a day are you expected to provide service? Which days of the week do you need complete staffing? Which days can we have slack staffing.? What are your busiest hours? Without these details, it is not possible to give an exact staffing Roster.

Hi All,

I just joined the forum and need some serious help.

We are a team of 28 members and work from 0900-2300hrs and out the week. Its not easy to account a busiest day as the company is into e-commerce and figuring out a very busy day is close to impossible.

We do need a minimum of 8 members in the night preferably from 1500-2300 hrs and we are expected to provide 8 hrs service(minus the breaks)

Mr Setty,

Would appreciate your response for the same.



Hi Setty,

Hours of service per day= 24

Need of complete staffing= During the weekdays

Slack Staffing=Weekend

Busiest hours=10am till 2pm & 3pm till 6pm

Thanks in Advance

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