Managing/Establishing a Call Center with "Moving" Staff

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Managing/Establishing a Call Center with "Moving" Staff
Hello, I currently work at a hospital, where our specific department deals with patients/partners through the phone and in person. Although we have some call center metrics in place, sometimes it is difficult to identify/address possible issues, as staff is very fluid in their tasks and can be on/off the phone as dictated (more by personal than phone volume). How do you effectively establish and manage a call center where the majority of the people are not on the phones the majority of the time and usually working on various roles? Do we set certain people to be call-center-only and only evaluate them? Do we assign a percentage "call center" time to everyone based on role/language? Help!


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Metrics should be based on outcomes
Sounds like a tricky one to look at

Metrics should be based on outcomes rather than efficiency. The challenge is that unless you have dedicated telephone time, you may find that people start to avoid talking to customers.

The key seems to start by measuring quality and looking at the numbers of repeats calls and the numbers of calls not answered or not answered within target.

There are a few articles that may provide some pointers

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