Maternity leave, attrition

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Maternity leave, attrition
Hi everyone!
I have a question regarding attrition. Do women on marternity leave should be counted as attrition?
Yes, I understand they are not leaving the company, but it's still a very long absence that make us as a Call Center hire someone to replace that person.

Will be happy to her your thoughts!


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No it is not attrition
No it is not attrition. It is a temporary leave of absence.

It should only be treated as attrition if they do not come back from maternity leave, or if they come back and then leave.

Not Attrition
I would not count it as attrition, though I would probably put them in a separate section on WFM tools for example. Also depending on the country your are based in this could also pertain to the fathers with shared parental leave.

I support Aaron Gourlay
Paternity Leave (AU) is only a short duration leave although longer in other countries so needs to be considered.
Also, consideration should be given to Long Service Leave in the same manner as Mat Leave.

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