Measuring RPH

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Business Manager Client Delivery

Tis is my first Post sp please forgive me if this in the wrong spot.

I'm looking for a simple excel formula to measure RPH using AHT, hours, and OCC.

Thanks :)


Call Centre Helper

What does RPH stand for? I've not seen this before.

Does the RP stand for Right Party or does the PH stand for Per Hour? Revenue Per Hour?

Business Manager Client Delivery

Sorry Revenue per call

So Number of Calls handled, Production Hours, AHT, Occ, cost per call.

Business Manager Client Delivery

sorry I Must be Tired ... Revenue per Hour

Business Manager Client Delivery

Ok I found my long lost notes. I really dont know how I forgot this.

3600/CST x Cost per call x Occ will give you your Revenue per hour.

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