Motivational Games

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Motivational Games

I wish to know some indoor motivational games while conducting training program for about 30-45mins.
Please let me know any site link.

Prashant Uttekar

Managing Consultant


Have you tried ...
'Twister' .. always a good ice-breaker!


Dechaine Consulting Inc

didn't see that coming...

I couldn't imagine it working at any large centre...or ANY centre in North America.

Training & Quality

Idea Cellular Ltd.

These are great sites!

Thank you so much!



I beware on this one as I can't really see it being Disability Discrimination Act compliant in the UK.

Call Centre Manager


I'm with
Disabled or not I wouldn't be impressed at being expected to scruff around on the floor entangling limbs with colleagues and strangers.

And call me old fashioned but I believe that a 30-45 minute session should have somekind of outcome or objective!


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