Multi-skilled agents by language

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Multi-skilled agents by language
I have a scenario where I have a group of FTE that need to handle customer contacts throught 4 channels (voice, email, chat and socmed), they will also be handling these contacts in 5 different languages. I do have the total montòy breakdown of volume per language (not by channel). What is the bets approach to on how to skill them? and how can I calculate how many agents per language please? Thank you!


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Group all the languages together
The easy way to do this is to group all of the languages together and work out how many staff that you need.

You then apply the percentage of calls per language to these staff.

If the numbers are low then you may need to uplift the figures by 20% to get to a better level.

The alternative is to do it per language and work out how many staff you need for each language. This takes a lot of time and does not cover the multi-skilling.

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