Multiskill forecasting - Erlang X

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Multiskill forecasting - Erlang X
I read and see plenty about Erlang C, but with multiskilling more common these days I'm interested in trying out the more modern Erlang X but am unable t find a reliable source for either the formulas used or a suitable excel plugin.
(I've looked at CCMath website but their excel plugins require things like .dll install or registry changes, which are not suitable for a corporate environment)
Anyone have any good pointers to get me started with Erlang X ?



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Erlang X seems to be similar to Erlang A
As far as I can see Erlang X seems to be very similar to Erlang A. I have not yet seen an example of the Erlang X formula so it is difficult to say.

Erlang A (the A stands for abandons) formula is an externsion of Erlang C and was developed by Conny Palm in 1946. There is a good paper on it here.

We have put the Erlang A formula into our Erlang Calculator, but only for the Abandoned calls column.

I'm not sure how much Erlang A has to do with multichannel though.

Thanks for the info Jonty. Erlang A certainly seems like a move in the right direction, with abandonment included, and I'll take a look.

Seems a shame that Erlang X is not available anywhere that I can find to look at, especially with so much multiskilling currently going on in the industry. I know that there are some WFM solutions that have included Erlang X calculations, however it's always good to have excel modules to use, for the flexibility.

Thanks again for the info.


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Erlang A formula
We have written an article on the Erlang A formula that may help

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