Need ideas for promotion

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Need ideas for promotion
I am currently working as a consultant in a call centre with aprox 70 agents made up of 6 teams, each with a supervisor and manager.

I am working towards promotion to a supervisor position and I have been told I need to raise my profile by coming up with Business related ideasand team incentives

So to all you Call centre Managers, what would you like to see a consultant such as myself doing to try promote themselves ?? I produce a team magazine, quizzes on our products etc

So to all anyone in a similar position as Myself, have you any ideas???? What have you done ??

I would really appreciate all your feedback.

Thank you


Training & Development Manager

Insurance Telemarketing

Personally, the best way to increase your profile and add value to the business is to learn how to coach and offer your services assisiting other members of staff. Be prepared to do this in your own time if the call centre is busy and they cannot spare you from the phones but you may be able to negotiate overtime (although if you want the promotion, you may have to just go with it ;o) )

If you can show that you are capable of mentoring, coaching and developing staff in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory way, then I think you may be inn with a good chance.

If you could expand on what you mean by "supervisor" then I may be able to help you further...... what/ who would you be supervising and what would the main functions of the job be?


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