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neutral accent


Anybody out there who could guide me with a neutral accent training module?


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neutral accent training module
Dear Sunil,

I've been training for a long time and get excellent results. All you have to do is go through the vowels and consonants and teach the students the method of articulation and place of artiulation and enunciation.

This is compared to the same sound created in the regional language and then the trainee knows where to go with the sound.

It works like a miracle.

good luck
Navaz Hilloowala

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Hi Sunil,

I realise you posted this sometime ago, but neutral accent training modules is somthing that we do at The Central School for Speech and Drama, along with other types of voice training, e.g Spoken English courses for ESOL speakers. Our voice specialists have delivered this training to many different organisations. We may be able to offer you this to your employees and your trainers as part of our Knowledge Transfer project. (We have funding for this from the LDA and HEFCE so there would be very little cost involved) Have a look at my email under the "training and development" section for more details.

Paul Nicholl
Central School for Speech and Drama.

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